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Bell Timing

Timings: 07:45am to 02:00pm
Timings Period
07:55am Warning Bell
08:00am to 08:20am Assembly
08:20am to 08:40am Dhyan
08:40am to 08:45am Attendance
08:45am to 09:25am I
09:25am to 10:00am II
10:00am to 10:35am III
10:35am to 11:10am IV
11:10am to 11:30pm Recess
11:30 pm to 12:05 pm V
12:05pm to 12:35pm VI
12:35pm to 01:05pm VII
01:05pm to 01:35pm VIII
01:35pm Warning bell
01:40pm to 02:00pm Dhyan
02:00pm Departure of students