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Hostel Rules


  1. A distinct number is allotted by the Warden to every Boarder on admission. This number should be clearly marked on the cloths of the Boarder, so that the cloths of various students do not mix up.
  2. Hostel students will follow the daily routine of the Hostel and School, unless exempted on medical grounds on the recommendation of the Hostel Warden / Medical Officer.
  3. They are not allowed to stay in the rooms during school hours / games / activity / study time.
  4. Boarders are not allowed to keep in their possession any cash or valuable items e.g. gold chain, expensive watches, cameras, mobiles, i-pod’s, headphones, CD Player, FM radio, heater etc.
  5. Any unauthorized money found with the students may be confiscated and credited to the Poor Fund.
  6. Food parcels from parents are not encouraged. In case they are sent, the contents of the parcels are checked and shared among the inmates of the House.
  7. Students can avail of the facility of Tuck-shop, Tailor, Barber, cobbler, in the Boarding House on writing a slip with the signature of the warden. Glue or items for repair of shoes are neither permissible nor required
  8. Boarders are not permitted to borrow or lend money or exchange any article with anybody.
  9. Any willful damage to or theft of School property or other’s property will be regarded as a breach of School /Hostel rules and the student would be fined by School Authorities.
  10. Every Boarder is encouraged to write a letter once in a fortnight under the supervision of the Matron. So 24 self addressed envelops should be submitted to the Warden.
  11. Change of address of the parent/guardians must be immediately intimated to the school.
  12. NO boarder shall be allowed to stay in the boarding house during the mid - term break or term break. If any parent/guardian fails to take his ward home, the Boarder will be sent home with an escort. The expense will be adjusted from their recoverable account.
  13. The presence on the re-opening day after Summer Vacation/Diwali/Winter Break is mandatory, failing which a fine of Rs 500/- per day is imposed for joining late, unless the Principal is informed before the beginning of the term and the Principal is satisfied with the reason for late coming. Apart from this, if a child absents himself/herself for five days consecutively, his/her name will be struck off from the School. Re-admission will be the sole discretion of the Principal in such case.
  14. It will be the responsibility of parents to inform the school at least one day in advance regarding their arrival for celebration of birthday of their ward. Birthday celebrations are permitted in the presence of parents only during evening snacks time for which parents are to inform the House Master atleast one day in advance. No impromptu celebrations will be permitted.
  15. A boarder may be asked by the school authorities to leave the school on any one of the following grounds:
    a) Poor academic performance
    b) Behavioural problem
    c) Stealing habit
    d) In possession of objectionable articles


  • Electric/Electronic Gadgets including FM Radio, Cellular Phones, Video Games, MP 3 Players, etc
  • Cash & tuck
  • Hair colours, Dyes, Hair Styling Gel & Fashion Accessories such as Bracelets, Chains, Rings, etc
  • Gold/Silver Jewellery of any kind
  • Costly gift item


  • Any hostel student falling sick will report to the Clinic through the Hostel Warden immediately
  • They are not allowed to keep or take medicines or tonic without the knowledge of the Hostel Warden. Any Medicines must be handed over to the Warden.
  • Students in the Boarding House are medically examined by qualified and experienced Medical Officer. In case of emergency the parents will immediately be informed by the warden and parents can then decide upon further treatment of their wards. The school authorities do not take the responsibility of any kind of surgery.
  • All Hostel students of the school treated outside for any illness are required to bring a fitness certificate before joining the hostel. Only then will they be allowed to re-join the hostel


  • An identity card will be issued to the local guardians of every hostel student. No local guardians will be permitted to visit their wards without the identity card.
  • Dormitories are strictly ‘Out of Bounds’ parents or visitors at all times except the beginning of session/ new admission.
  • Parents are allowed to meet their wards at the reception only.
  • Visiting Days & Hours : Parents are allowed to meet their wards on every second and last Sunday of a month as per the following schedule :-
    a) Between 10:00 to 17:00 hrs from 01 March to 31 October
    b) Between 11:00 to 16:00 hrs from 01 November to 28 / 29 February


  • Use of mobile phones in Boarding House is strictly prohibited. If any child is found using a mobile phone, it will be ceased immediately.
  • Parents are allowed to speak to their wards only on the designated days and timings.
  • Parents are allowed to communicate with their wards on the school telephone lines on particular days and timings which can be ascertained from the House Master. No calls for speaking to wards will be entertained at any personal numbers of staff of school.


  • If a student is withdrawn from the school during the session, the following rules would be applicable.
  • Notice of withdrawal must be given within 30 days of the last date of the term. Tuition fee have to be paid for the entire period including notice period. Full fees would be charged for shorter period of notice.
  • If a hosteller is withdrawn from the hostel, full fees and all the annual charges have to be paid.
  • If a hosteller is away for more than a week without permission, the name will be struck off the rolls.
  • In the case of non payment of fees instalments, the hostellers name will be struck off the hostel rolls after a month and it would be treated as a case of automatic withdrawal from the hostel.


  • Hostellers will enter the Dining Hall in proper dress and behave in a disciplined and orderly manner.
  • Each hosteller will begin the meal after prayers. After meals chairs / benches must be put back neatly on conclusion of the meal.
  • Wastage of food must be avoided otherwise it shall be considered an act of indiscipline.
  • Behave properly with mess employees. Complaints, if any should be reported to the Warden / House-Master/ Staff Member present in the mess.