The new academic session starts in the first week of April. The school follows the CBSE curriculum & provides education to the students from class Play Group to XII. The courses of study are as under:

Pre-primary : Hindi, English and Maths
Primary : Hindi, English, Mathematics, EVS / Science , Social Studies and Computers
VI to X : Hindi, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Information Technology and Sanskrit
Class XI & XII :

Groups Compulsory Subject Elective Subject Optional Subject
Group A English Physics Chemistry Mathematics Hindi / Computer / Ph.Edu
Group B English Physics Chemistry Biology Hindi / Computer / Ph.Edu
Group C English Accountancy Business Studies Economics Hindi / Computer / Ph.Edu
Group D English History Economics Geography Hindi / Computer / Ph.Edu

Note : Subjects once offered will not be changed under any circumstances in class XI after 31st July.


  • Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
  • Parents seeking admission of their ward should procure prospectus along with registration form from the school office on payment.
  • Duly filled registration form along with the requisite documents must be submitted to the school office on the given due date.
  • The following documents will be required to submit:
    1. Four passport size photographs of the child.
    2. Photograph of the parents.
    3. Dully attested DOB certificate [only for Pre-primary students.]
    4. T.C. in original and the Mark sheet of previous class attended.
    5. Photocopy of Adhaar Card.
    6. Photograph of Local Guardian in case of Boarding House Admission.
  • Minimum age for admission to playgroup is 3 years as on Ist April of admission year.
  • Admission in school is subject to :
  • Admission Test / Interview from Class Ito Class IX & Xl.
  • 10% seats for admission are reserved for SC / ST / OBC candidates.
  • The standard of written test will be that of one class lower to which a candidate is seeking admission. The examination shall be conducted in English. Hindi. Maths and Gen Science. The duration of test shall be of one hour.
  • Once admission is confirmed parents will complete other admission related formalities.
  • Mere Submission of registration form stands no guarantee for admission.


The school fee is payable bi-monthly: however, provision exists for quarterly, half yearly or even yearly payment in advance. The school fee structure is attached at the annexure 1.

  • Fee must be paid by 15Th of respective payable month in the school office through crossed Cheque / DD / NEFT / RTGS / Payment Gateway. Failing which, the same will be accepted with a late fee of Rs. 10/- day.
  • Registration fee is not refundable.
  • Fee is charged for the full academic year irrespective of the date of admission.
  • If the fee is not paid by the end of the month in which it was due, the name of the defaulting students will be automatically struck off the roll. The child may be re-admitted after paying Rs. 500/- as the re-admission fee.
  • Re-admission should not be taken for granted. It will be permitted only on valid grounds.
  • If the cheque is dishonored, the fee will be deposited at the school office with fine.
  • Only caution money is refundable. It will be refunded after six months of the expiry of the session. The application for refund must be in the prescribed form available in the office. Refund will be made after getting "NO DUES" clearance from all the departments. Caution money will be refunded only of those students who have completed one full academics session and leaving the school.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Parent / Guardian to get the fee card updated by the offices.


All the students are required to wear proper school uniform. A student found not adhering to the rules may be fined or sent home. The school uniform is available in the authorized uniform shops as per the annexure 2.


  • If a child is to be withdrawn from the school, one clear calendar months prior notice in writing or a month's fee in lieu off such notice is to be submitted.
  • Those who leave the school in April will have to pay the fee for the month of April May and June at any case.
  • Transfer certificate shall not be issued until all dues of the school are settled.
  • A student can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:
    1. Indiscipline
    2. Irregularity
    3. Misconduct
    4. Non-Payment of fee
    5. Unsatisfactory performance in academics


  • Discipline is the very sole of orderly corporate life and its infringement will not be entertained under any circumstance.
  • Students should be habitually neat and clean and smartly dressed up in school uniform. Boys must keep short hair. Centre parting of the hair or colouring, streaking strictly prohibited.
  • Every student must come regularly and punctually to the school. The late comers will be sent back home. Habitual late corners will be severely dealt.
  • It is compulsory for a student to complete 80% of attendance in academic session to make them eligible for promotion to the next class.
  • Those using bicycles should keep them locked at the assigned parking place.
  • No cash/money or other expensive articles should be brought to the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
  • Irregular attendance, constant negligence of work insubordination of teachers, habitual inattentiveness in class, obscenity in words or deed, willful and repeated breach of school regulations will lead to serious punishment or expulsion.
  • Scribbling on the walls, desks and boards, as well as tearing of pages from exercise book or school diary is punishable.
  • Defacing or damage to school property by a students will initiate serious disciplinary action apart from charging cost of the item.
  • Students will not be called to answer telephone calls.
  • Students selected for participation in any activity will not remain absent from class without obtaining permission from the teacher incharge.
  • School takes adequate care of its students and provides adequate first-aid in case of yet it owes no responsibility for accidental injuries.
  • The behaviour of the student should be correct and courteous both within and outside of the school premises. An institution is judged by conduct of its students.
  • No student can be retained on the rolls of the school if his/her progress in studies steadily unsatisfactory , if he/she fails in a class for two consecutive years, or if his/her presence in school is considered detrimental, unhealthy or harmful to other students.
  • The Principal's decision in all matters of discipline will be final.
  • The school management reserves to waive any of the rules contained in the prospectus without assigning any reason for their action.
  • The interpretation of any rule in this prospectus as well as any amendment to it rests solely on the management. Their decision will be final and binding on parents / guardians.


  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in maintaining regularity, discipline and punctuality and to see that their wards take an active interest in all the activities of the school.
  • Parents are expected to see to the cleanliness and civic manners of their wards.
  • Occasional reports and recommendations from the Principal and the teachers are made in the school diary. Parents are requested to sign them.
  • Parents, guardians or tutors are not permitted to visit the classes or meet the teachers without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Parents are requested not to send for call away their children during school hours; in case of emergency, permission must be sought in writing.
  • School blazer, cardigans, pullovers, tiffin box and other articles must bear the name of the owner. The school will not be responsible, if they are lost. Parents should arrange to take their ward home within 15 minutes after the school is over.
  • Parents are welcome to see the Principal in her office on any week day with prior permission.
  • Parents are requested to ensure their participation in PTM to discuss progress of their ward in studies and their behavior in school.
  • Parents are required to notify to the students of any change in their address / telephone number.
  • Parent's co-operation is required to ensure overall development of their child.